The background

Before we get going with our first tournament – a Formula 1 event in Norway – let’s give some background for our initiative.

Åw3s0m3 is an initiative by the Norwegian company “Å Spille AS” (To Play Inc.), a subsidiary of A-Circle AS (“A-Circle” is the name for the last letter in the Norwegian alphabet, “Å”).

The mother company “A-Circle” has been coaching and helping top athletes with mental training for many years. With athletes having achieved World Championships and Olympic Gold, it was time test our competence in the World of esport.

Niklas, our CEO is an avid Rocket League player, while Halvor is the man behind the Norwegian Formula 1 series. Our crew includes other top Rocket League and Formula 1 players as well as an internationally acclaimed Fortnite player. We are building our initiative by helping passionate players reach new mental hights.

Here is a post by our Chairman that sparked this initiative last year:
Parents; Embrace your kid’s gaming