We have rocketed into the Rocket League scene

We recently acquired what may well be the best team in Norway. With top performances in Telialigaen and The Field we are looking solid. But how solid is it really?

Well, AW3 is constantly striving towards total transparency – and in the light of that we too have struggled. Yes, we did qualify for the main event in the Elemental Series 2, but bummed out in the group stage. Not our greatest performance but we’re a new team and a new org which have only existed for 6 weeks. Personally I would say that our overall performance have been impressive.

Let me tell you some backstory first. Our team has a limited time per week they can practice. With FiremanJonas playing Rocket League, golf and saxophone all at the same time there is not that much time, but we do what we can. He is never able to play Rocket League on Wednesdays except when there is a vacation.

Last week we had a vacations here in Norway and they were able to play their first weekly Nicecactus tournament. It turned out to be a bit of a disaster as they bummed out round one, and after that they had no plan so they were a bit shocked. After a short break they sat down in front of their PC again and just said “Well. You boys wanna play some ranked?” and they continued their grind.

They are driven, and they want to win. After their loss against KCI in the Elemental Series 2, they quickly let it go and focused on their path to RLCS. And on day 1 they swept everyone. Not worrying about doing the same mistakes as the day before they just played solid.

This is a well rounded and mentally strong roster. I am really looking forward to doing some teambuilding with them and seeing where we end up together.