Rocket League Team

Intel World Open/Trial Olympics 4th place winners for EMEA, Norwegian chamions (Telialigaen).


Jørgen Klaastad: 17 years with 4 years and 7000 hours of RL experience.

International level player (top 100), having played in
prominent teams such as Team Shazoo, Team Orange Gaming and Celestial Gaming.

Habitually the top player in Norwegian tournaments,
having collected prize money to make a living as a young adult.

Twitter: @Inferno_RL


Jonas Lohne: 17 years with 3 years and 6000 hours of RL experience.

Rapidly climbing to one of Norway’s top players.
Norwegian semifinalist in 2019 and 2. place in 2020 (Telia Ligaen)

Jonas is a multitalented, social and outgoing person with
top results in Golf (Norwegian championship level), handball, table tennis and football.

He is also an active musician, playing classical saxophone as
a soloist and in a group at a national level.

Twitter: @FiremanJonas


Sebastian Falch: 18 years with 4 years and 7000 hours of RL experience.

Top international player having played for FC Barcelona esports, Triple Trouble, Veloce esports and Crazy Crew esports.

Having played football actively since he was a kid. Sebastian discovered RL in 2016.

He quickly rose to an international level during 2018 and
is now easily among the top 3 Norwegian players.

Twitter: @Seeb_RL

Coach: Ryuu

One of the World’s best eports coaches.

Daumantas Krugliakovas specializes in coaching Rocket League players and teams having brought several teams to top positions.

Examples include:
Mock-It – RLCS playoffs
Precision Z – Top 4 in RLCS
ExRay – Consistent RLRS performance
1NE esports – Built Top teams, Asian Region: 1st & 3rd places
Team Ixa – The Kickoff, RL Asian Series Champions

Ryuu was nominated 2020 College Rocket League Coach Of The Year.

Twitter: @RyuuTsubasa